Bastrop, Texas

October took us to an impromptu trip to Bastrop, Texas. A little town just north of this state’s capitol city of Austin. Although this had been a planned trip for my daughter (she was to stand up in a friend’s wedding), her boyfriend could not go with her at the last minute and rather than let her drive by herself we decided to do a little road trip and with her. This little town ended up being in the middle of nowhere, but very charming and quaint and i could see why the bride and her family loved living here. We left right after work on a friday evening taking 35 south. As night fell and we got closer to our destination, the road lights became less and less as the area became more rural. But we finally made it and settled into our Choice hotel off hwy 71. The next day we set off to find breakfast as the wedding ceremony was not till later that afternoon. The clerk at the hotel directed us to “downtown” Bastrop where we could find various places to eat. Downtown consisted of four corners and we did come across a great little mexican place and had menudo that hit the spot. It was amazing to hear the folks as they came in to eat, you could tell the town was like one big family. After breakfast we still had some time to kill so we walked the four corners to vist the various shops – Christmas decorations, book store, old time drug/candy store, bread shop and other little eateries. Also a quilt shop which i had to muster up the will to pass by without going in (i love quilt shops!).
it was finally time for the ceremony which was lovely, however a huge rainstorm came upon us just as the church ceremony was ending and the poor bride and her party had a time getting out to the cars. We now had to make our way to The Farm on Peach Creek for the dinner and dancing celebration! The storm felt like God was going to flood us out again. We made it to the farm and then had to run in our dresses and heels to the dining area – and there were no paved roads! it was a mess and i felt for the bride! it would have been just beautiful if it had been a sunny day as the celebration would have been outside. everyone looked like we had taken a dip in the pool with our clothes on – we were all soaked. it was definitely a wedding to remember. And once home i went on the Farm’s web site and found it is quite a beautiful place. The Farm is owned by a cute couple – he is a retired heart surgeon and she is a retired nurse. Made me want my own little farm.


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