Salt Lake City, Utah

Back in October i paid a visit to the area of Salt Lake City. It turned out to be e a trip of “firsts” for me. My first time to travelalone, first time to rent a car and drive to a suburb of Salt Lake City , first time to visit the state of Utah. I was quite nervous and naively hoping I would catch a glimpse of Donny or Marie in my travels. Of course they were busy with their own activities on Dancing with the Stars and their Vegas show. Although i didn’t see them I did catch a glimpse of one of Mexico’s popular soccer teams! They were all quite handsome in their suits as they made their way to catch their flight to their next game or perhaps home. Although this airport didn’t seem large (compared to DFW) there were so many people, it was impossible to get near the team for a photo so i had to content myself with a passing view. I made my way to the rental car area and signed various papers and soon was on my way in a cute little red Ford Focus.

It was a great little car and i was able to maneuver it around quite easily. Although I did have a map of where I needed to go it was still quite confusing and as always I soon found myself going the wrong way. It was still daylight so it wasn’t too nerve racking being lost in a strange city/state. The area was quite rural with wide open spaces and of course gorgeous views of mountains everywhere. It seemed that Texas should look like this, but it doesn’t for the most part – have mostly flat land. Anyway once I whipped that little car around and started going the right way I soon came across my exit and hotel (yeah!). I had made it safe and sound and all by myself!
I was in town to meet a sales member of our Company and once checked into the hotel I now had to find my way to her house tucked up at the foot of the mountains. The Choice hotel was nice and not too noisy even though they had some renovation going on in some parts of the hotel. Across the way there was a mall and on the other side of the highway a shopping center with a Walmart and a Starbucks.
By the time I was ready to head out night had falled and it seemed to get only darker the closer I made my way to the mountains. Driving along the road, the night was quiet and very still. The expansive night sky twinkled with stars and the crisp cool air was fresh and clean. I loved it! Once back at the hotel, i was serenaded by Night Hawks flying overhead, doing a little nighttime manuevers. Morning brought them round again for my wake up call. Awesome.
As I made my way back to our sales associate’s home once again I was even more amazed by the majestic views of the area in daylight. From snow capped mountains, winding roads and skies that seemed to go on forever – these were just average views for those that lived in this area. The trip was only for a couple of days and jam packed with business meetings so alas I did not get to capture any glimpses of famous Salt Lake City landmarks and had to content myself with the postcards i found at WalMart. Each time I get to travel to a new place it just amazes me how each area has their own unique thing that makes them beautiful. I only wish i’d had more time so i could have gone to visit the library of the Church of Latter Day Saints. This church houses the largest library in the world of genealogical records. Some day i hope to visit again, this time for pleasure.


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