Cozumel, Mexico!

In over 40 years of traveling to Mexico I finally made it to a different part of this beautiful country. Cozumel was everything we had expected …..and some things we didn’t but it was minor compared to the good stuff. As the plane circled the island to land we were amazed by the many hues of blue to be seen – light blue, dark blue, aqua, blue green and on and on. The day was sunny and we were excited to land and begin the experience. Upon arrival we were bombarded with the usual army of time share salesmen. We were expecting it however as usual my husband got taken under the guise of this guy directing us to a taxi and was escorted to a stand in front of a lady who began her spiel. As soon as he realized she wasn’t going to get us a taxi, we both exclaimed, “We don’t want any!”
We took off and were were finally able to get the correct person for a taxi and were crammed into a van with other passengers eager to be off. Although we would have preferred our own separate taxi, beggars can’t be choosers and they know it. Besides we were just anxious to be out of there and on our way to the hotel. Just know before you go, we did find out later from another travel that we could have rented a car for the week at the airport for what it cost us to rent the car for one day from the hotel (about $75). Next time I plan on researching that and getting it so we have more freedom to explore.
We went to Cozumel during Thanksgiving week so the crowds were minimal. As we already have a time share we stayed at “our” hotel Allegro Cozumel. We were immediately whisked away to the club house for check in and received warm towels to freshen up and a drink. This hotel was very different from any other we had stayed in, the rooms were all set up like apartment buildings and ours was right by the club house. Our girls went with us and they got their own room several units away. if they had been younger I would not have liked this but since they are 18 and 26 it was fine and we were only a phone call away if needed.
Once settled in we immediately began exploration of the beach and hotel. The sand was like coarse sea salt and did not burn when walking on it, the water however was freezing! Upon entering the water you could immediately see all kinds of fish! We had never seen anything like it. We tried our hand at snorkeling (free loaners on the gear at the hotel dive shop) however I seemed to get claustrophobic every time I tried the mask on and gave up.

The girls had fun and saw all kinds of fish and took some photos with the underwater disposable camera – not bad. We got quite a few photos of Iguanas as they were everywhere – a few butterflies too.

This hotel was quite large and very family oriented; there were 3 pools, with the largest featuring slides and other “toys”. It looked like a small water park. Unfortunately since this was a slow week for them they did not have this last pool open. My girls were kind of disappointed even though they would have been too old to play in it. There were 3 restaurants – 2 only available for dinner by reservation only and serving oriental and Mexican food – a bar by the beach and a swim up bar. And there was evening entertainment on Wednesday and Friday nights only – another big disappointment as their sister hotel in Puerto Vallarta (PV) featured entertainment every night.
The first night at the hotel’s main restaurant was a big disappointment as the food was of poor quality. Not very hot, blah tasting and not much variety for a buffet, it improved somewhat as the week went on most likely due to guest complaints. The oriental and Mexican restaurants were by far the better choice. However reservations were limited as they seemed to have a reduced staff working at the hotel perhaps because it was the slow season. Minimal staff resulted in poor service at the main restaurant and in overworked staff at the Mexican and oriental restaurants.

We did rent a car for a day and took a trip around the island exploring a few places for lunch and drinks. The sights were phenomenal, the food fantastic. We learned that next time we split the exploring into two days in order to make the trip to town a full day. By the time we got to the town we were too exhausted from the Tequila Tour
Mayan Ruins Tour

and overcome by heat and mosquito bites (oh yeah take plenty of bug spray!) to enjoy it. The Mayan Ruins were awesome with Iguanas everywhere – it was humbling to walk where ancient civilizations had been before us. According to history, Cozumel was where the women went to pray to the goddess of fertility.

We took a short walk along the main street and purchased minimal souvenirs and headed back to the hotel for showering and dinner.
Towards the end of the week we noticed a lot of athletes seemed to be arriving and learned that an Ironman triathlon was to take place that weekend! We were scheduled to leave that Saturday and would miss it. Because more guests were beginning to arrive they decided to turn on the small water park pool on the Saturday that we left – figures.
Although overall we did enjoy the trip – spent relaxing days by the ocean watching sail boats go by, fish swimming in the ocean, beach volleyball and distressing – would like to go again at least one more time to finish exploring – for now our fave is till PV. On the next trip to Cozumel I think I’d rather rent a place or stay in another hotel (perhaps the Occidental Grand) as this one was not an optimal experience.


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  1. January 20, 2010 at 8:16 pm

    Wow, it really looks an awesome place 🙂

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